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   General principles of transducers (sensors) 
   In the strict sense of the word transducer is a device that converts a change in one quantity changes in the other. In terms of electronic transmitter is usually defined as a device (transducer ) that converts non-electrical physical quantity (called a measured physical quantity) in electrical cignal, or vice versa. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. 
    It follows that the transducers are used in electronic systems, ie in technical devices to electrical signals, the result...

   The principles of the transformation of the measured physical parameters 
   In each converter, which converts the element is based on certain physical principle, which is associated with the electrical characteristics of the device so that a change in the quantity being measured involves a change in these characteristics. Changes in the electrical characteristics creates an electrical signal that depends on the quantity being measured. 
    Although the market sold thousands of transmitters, operating principles, on which they are based, there are relatively few. We can therefore consider these principles in detail. All converters are used in the basic principles can be grouped into categories, which are described below....

   General framework of the transducers:

Temperature sensors - thermistors
 Physical bases of work of thermo-resistor are described. Semiconductor thermo-resistor, methods of calibrating.
Magnetic field sensors - Hall-effect sensors
The sensor of Hall is name a device by means of which measure the size of magnetic-field using the effect of Hall. The sensor of Hall consists of semiconductor rectangular plate which four electric conclusions are added to. Schematically the pickoff of sensor of Hall ...
Strain gauges
Work of strain gauge  (tensoresistors transducers) is based on property of materials to change the electric resistance at mechanical deformations,  arising up under the action of the attached force. The size of tensoeffect explorers is determined mainly by the change of geometrical sizes of resistor (wire, tape), and semiconductors - specific resistance because of change ...

   Capacitie transducers, sensing elements, sensors
   The capacitance of a flat capacitor without taking into account the edge effect is determined by the equation С = ε0εS/d, where ε0 = 8,851012 Ас/(Вм) - the dielectric constant; ε - the relative permittivity of the medium between the capacitor ...

   Photovoltaic cells
    PV are such primary transducers (sensors) that are responsive to electromagnetic radiation incident on the surface of the transforming element. Radiation can...

   Load cells
    Sensors defoormatsii. Since the resistance of the conductor is given by R = ρL / S,
where ρ - the resistivity of the material; L - length S - cross-sectional area, the resistance can be changed at any fluctuation of the measured value, which affects one or more members of the expression argument.
    The reduced dependence of the strain gauge is used - converters, which...

    In a number of instruments used photodiodes with amplifiers to increase the sensitivity. Of course, in the conventional transistor (three-layer semiconductor p - n -n- or p -p- p-type) contains a p -n- transition with a negative bias, and the device can increase the current, ie, it has...

   Semiconductor strain transducers, temperature and magnetic field for use in radiation exposure, a wide range of temperatures and magnetic fields
   The description of the experimental semiconductor transducers (sensors) temperature, deformation of the magnetic field.
   Semiconductor materials are highly sensitive to various external influences and the development based on these transducers (sensors) physical quantities...

   Thermoelectric converters (thermocouples)
   Thermoelectricity, the practical use of thermoelectric temperature measurement (thermocouple), thermopower in various materials, alloys for manufacturing of thermocouples.
    The principle of the thermocouple is based on the thermoelectric effect, which is that in a closed circuit consisting of two dissimilar conductors occurs thermoelectric power (electric voltage) if the places of the junctions of conductors have different temperatures. If we take a closed...
   To eliminate the error is widely used automatic temperature adjustment for the introduction of the free ends of the thermocouple. For this purpose ...
   Thermal electric
   Thermal electric transductive elements transform the change of measurable value (temperature) into change of current that occurs as a result from difference of temperature at junction of two heterogeneous materials, where Seebeck effect appears (Pic. 17).
   Thermal electric transducer is more known as a thermocouple, where a probe consists of two junctions ...

   Calibrating  of thermocouples (calibration charts)
   Calibration charts are shown for different thermocouples, which can be used for temperature measurement with thermocouples of known alloys.
   For a condition, when a free end(shut) of thermocouple is at the zero of degrees celsius. Chromel-alumel et al.

   Making of thermocouple
   Detailed description of simple methods for making thermocouples at home.
   For measuring and researches in the laboratory terms of thermocouple it is possible to make independently. For this purpose the produced use by industry of wire from materials suitable for making of thermocouple. What less than wires a diameter thermocouples, the less than error in determination of temperature and determination of parameters of thermal processes, because influence of thermocouple diminishes on a heat exchange. Material of thermocouple ...

   Cryogenic (low temperature) temperature sensors
   Measurement of temperatures in the cryogenic range. To measure the temperature in the cryogenic region using semiconductor and metal sensors - resistance thermometers (thermistors), and thermocouple ...

   Effect of Hall
   If through a homogeneous metallic or semiconductor plate to skip a current from left to right, along the axis of х, as it is shown ...
   Sensors are a hall - effect
   To comparatively recent time the effect of Hall was used only for the study of electric properties of matters. With opening of elementary semiconductors ... A sensor is a hall - effect consists of thin mica substrate ...

   Semiconductor strain gauges
   High tensosensitivity semiconductor well above tensosensitivity metals is of great interest for use in the semiconductor strain gauges. Along with the advantages of semiconductor strain gauges are also some disadvantages that prevent the use of such sensors ...

   Mechanical methods of measuring fill level
   Measurement of the fill level of the liquid by float. Sensors. Using the float as a sensing element to measure the height of the liquid level. The physical principle ...

   A number of precision oscillators Emf. Hall
   Magnetic measurements are one of the main a warm and cryogenic - of electrophysical apparatus, using magnetic fields. Small generators emf. Hall (GC) are undeniable advantage of other magnetic devices that determines their wide application for magnetic measurements in Electrophysics.
   In the measurement of strong fields one of the main ...
   Automotive Hall sensor. The Hall sensor in the ignition system
   Currently, Hall sensors are widely used in the automotive industry. They are used to control displacements and rotations of various parts of the vehicle, vibrations of the engine, the ignition ...

   Hygrometer with a conductive film
   Absorbed by certain materials, water can affect the electrical properties of these materials. This phenomenon is at the heart of the hygrometer with a conductive film. Depending on the humidity of the air (gas) in hygrometers with a conductive film changes the electrical resistance of the film - the sensor hygrometer.
   This type of hygrometer measures the relative humidity of the air, which...

   Transducers of acceleration. Accelerometers.
   The accelerometer is a transducer that measures the acceleration of the object, which he acquired at the displacement relative to its initial position. Accelerometers are used to measure acceleration in the horizontal displacements caused by the acceleration of gravity. Currently mass produced accelerometers based on micro electromechanical systems (MEMS)....

   Solar battery
   The first solar cell was called the solar battery. Technology for producing silicon battery, physical and technical basics.
   Solar panel so named first silicon solar cell. This solar cell ...
   Manufacturing technology of SPC is complex. It boils down to the following ...

   Chromel - Copel thermocouple
   Chromel - Copel thermocouple (TCC, Type L) have the highest differential sensitivity of all commercially available thermocouples. Chromel-Copel thermocouples are used for more accurate temperature measurements, as well ...

   Capacitive pressure transducers, thickness
   A capacitance transducer is a flat (or other form) capacitor whose capacitance depends on the area of the electrodes, their mutual arrangement, the distance between ...

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Sensors fill level. Measurement of filling
   Depending on the industry and environment in which it is assumed the use of level sensors filling, they have to meet  ...
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