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Thermal imagers - non-destructive testing
Widely used in various fields - from petrochemicals to protect - were imagers - one of the main non-destructive testing. At the heart of these optical-electronic measuring devices is thermography, ie conversion of thermal radiation of objects in the visible region of the spectrum and the formation of the thermal image on the monitor (thermogram).
For example, DALI Technology has nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing of infrared cameras and is constantly working to improve all its products in its own research centers. Its specialists in their designs are trying to accommodate the needs of different industries and do it very well, as evidenced by the many certificates and awards, as well as long-term leadership in the production of thermal imagers.

Applications of thermal imagers are varied.

Petrochemical industry
Accidents in the petrochemical industry are a threat not only to the manufacturing process, but also human health and the environment. To monitor the oil and gas pipeline in the on-line by using an infrared camera with a high temperature sensitivity. Professional thermal imaging useful in assessing the degree of deterioration of tanks with aggressive chemicals, diagnostics safety valves, inspection of chimneys.

Metallurgical industry
The main industry is the steel industry steel production, where all stages of the work are held in high temperature. Conduct regular inspections of buckets, equipment and other fire-resistant steel with a thermal imager itself promotes early detection of damage, cost of electricity, lack of control over foreign matter and to ensure compliance with the melting technology. A practical solution for the needs of industry for example is a simple-to-use thermal imager TE / TE-P, which is an example of good value for money. This device is intended for the diagnosis of pipes, which are widely used in industry for water and other substances.

Electric power supply
One of the most common causes of fires in electrical installations is a violation of the insulation of live parts, which can be prevented by periodically checking equipment. Identify the wires overheating and damage to the insulation in electrical installations, you can use intended for this thermal imagers. In the electronics industry is also widely used thermal imaging cameras.

Upon detection of moisture in the building thermal imager is indispensable. For this purpose, suitable matrix pattern with high definition, which always ensure a high quality image and the precise temperatures.

The ideal solution for video surveillance thermal imager is capable of detecting objects that have changed its location, identify the trajectory and avtofokusuvatisya. For observation and search operations have been specially designed infrared binoculars with modern uncooled FPA-array detector and high definition.
For fire services designed TIC models capable of detecting objects, even through the thick veil of smoke. However, during fire fighting can also use infrared binoculars.

   Imagers for hunting

The use of thermal imaging in any production certainly justified, as it allows pre-identify the problem and prevent its consequences: the accident and damage. The process of their application as simple and easy, and the benefits invaluable.
Various models of thermal DALI Technology company offers SIMVOLT. Devices are focused on applications in the areas where you need an effective use of instant infrared measurement. This, in particular, energy supply and energy production, petroleum products, scientific research, fire fighting, building inspection, metallurgy, electrical engineering, electronics, buildings, etc..

According to the article: Elena Tretiak, http://www.labprice.ua

How to cheat imager - How to hide from the thermal imager. Video:

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