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Датчики, сенсоры, измерительные преобразователи. Sensors, transducers
Hilton Head Workshop 2020: A Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop
Hilton Head Island
31.05.20 - 04.06.20
The nineteenth in the series of Hilton Head Workshops on the science and technology of solid-state sensors, actuators, and microsystems will be held on May 31 - June 4, 2020. Previous Workshops have provided a highly interactive forum for North, Central and South American researchers to present and discuss recent advances in microfabrication technologies for sensing and actuation devices and microsystems for physical, chemical, and biological applications. This year, we hope to increase the interactive and networking success of this meeting as we are also inviting all previous Hilton Head Workshop attendees to attend as well as submit abstracts and present papers.
"    New Devices or Microsystems
"    New Sensing and Actuation Concepts
"    High Performance Devices (revised line)
"    Devices with Substantially Improved Performance
"    Device Fabrication and Testing
"    Process Design and Modeling
"    Device Modeling and Simulation
"    Fabrication Technologies
"    Materials and Material Processing
"    Nanotechnology and Applications
"    Testing Including Test Equipment and Methods
"    Interface and Calibration Circuits
"    Advanced Circuit Techniques
"    System Integration and End Use Applications
"    Component and Wafer-Level Packaging Technologies
"    Assembly Materials and Processes
"    Non-Electronic Interfaces to Devices
"    Environmental Effects and Compensation Methods
"    Reliability Testing and Methods
The Workshop will be held at the Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island, SC. It will be a single-session meeting, with ample time allotted for discussion of each paper, and with blocks of unscheduled time to encourage informal interactions among participants. The conference has reserved several oral presentations and contributed poster session slots in the program for LATE NEWS papers. LATE NEWS papers, as submitted, will be accepted for presentation and will be published in the technical digest. LATE NEWS papers will be limited to two pages in length and must follow the submission procedure in the instructions. There will be ten oral sessions and a contributed poster session. Manuscripts of papers presented in these sessions will be included in the Workshop Technical Digest. There will also be an OPEN POSTER session to encourage participants to discuss informally very recent results, work in progress, and results recently presented elsewhere. OPEN POSTERS will not be included in the Technical Digest. Please see LATE NEWS and OPEN POSTERS on this website for further information.

This year, besides being open to all researchers from North, Central and South America, the Workshop is open to past attendees of any previous Hilton Head Workshop with verification. This does not apply to past commercial representatives.
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Датчики, преобразователи. Sensors, transducers
Датчики, преобразователи, sensors, gauge