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Temperature, thermoelectricity

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Mechanical stress, strain

Force, pressure, displacement, flow

Humidity, gases

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Electricity, capacity, piezoelectricity

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   Transducers, gauges, sensors - information portal
   Provides information about the various transducers: thermistors, thermocouples, strain gauges, magnetic field sensors (Hall sensors, etc.), photovoltaics, sensors, humidity, gas concentration, pressure sensors and many others. Provides information about the various transducers. Gauges, Sensors, Transducers and physical principles of their work, the characteristics of the experimental design. The general information about physical phenomena and effects in a variety of materials, their properties, which are based on various physical parameters of the sensors. Are the various electrical characteristics of semiconductor and other materials, various examples of structures of sensors, transducers, sensors, their technical characteristics.
   We invite you to publish on our website with the ownership rights of small articles, results of research, development, advertising materials, etc.. Publication conditions discussed and agreed by E-mail.

   We are not engaged in serial production of products. As discussed in the draft and similar transducers and sensors are often offered to consumers by third-party organizations for advertising blocks on the site. To purchase products, you can contact them. We could participate in various joint research projects and projects to study the properties of materials and the development of transducers. Of most interest to us are the measurement of magnetic quantities, temperatures, mechanical parameters.

   We hope that the information contained in this site will be interesting and useful to people interested in natural phenomena and effects in different materials, electronics, basics of measurement, engineers, researchers, and others

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