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Information about various converters and sensors of physical quantities, parameters of various physical processes is presented.
Electrophysical properties and effects in various electrical materials.
Theory, experimental results, practical application

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Temperature, thermoelectricity

Magnetic fields

Mechanical stress, strain

Force, pressure, displacement, flow

Humidity, gases

Photo effects, light

Ionizing radiation

Electricity, capacity, piezoelectricity

Physical properties of materials

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Датчики, преобразователи. Sensors, transducers
2022 International Conference on Wireless Power Transfer

Call for Papers
        To promote the research and development of Wireless Power Transfer technology, the International Conference on Wireless Power Transfer (ICWPT) aims to provide a platform for international experts and scholars to exchange and cooperate. The first conference in 2021 was sponsored by China Electrotechnical Society (CES) and co-sponsored by IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) and Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific (EVAAP).
        The 2022 International Conference on Wireless Power Transfer (ICWPT'2022) will be held in Chongqing, China from September 16th to 19th, 2022. This conference is an important parallel conference of the annual conference of China Electrotechnical Society. The conference will be held offline and jointly held online. The official languages are English and Chinese. The presentation PPTs and submitted papers can be in English or Chinese, and excellent papers will be recommended for journal publications.


Power electronics 2019: applications for participation in the competition are open

Applications for participation in the contest "the Best developments of young researchers and engineers in the field of power electronics", which is traditionally held within the framework of the exhibition "Power electronics", have been accepted.

The competition is designed to demonstrate the results of innovative activity of young researchers and engineers, with or without a degree, working in the state University, state industrial enterprise, closed or open industrial joint stock company, which in the year of the competition was not more than 35 years.

Competition nominations:

* Power electronics and control systems for electric drive and other Electromechanical systems
* Electronic systems of Autonomous objects and for small distributed power engineering
* Secondary power supplies and converters with high power density
* Modern components, passive components and energy storage

Organizers: MVK international exhibition Company, office in Saint-Petersburg and national research University "Moscow power engineering Institute»
With the support of: Department of radio-electronic industry of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, Association "power supply".

On participation issues:
+7 (812) 380 60 09 / 00

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