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Quartz disk memory

   In Japan optical disks of memory which can keep information of 300 million years are created. On capacity such disks are at the level of the disks existing now Blu- ray.
   New disks of memory are created by the Japanese company Hitachi and group of researchers of Kyoto University. A basis of a disk is quartz glass on which details by means of the technology created by scientists register.
   The quartz disk is divided into conditional layers, on each of which by means of the pulse laser information registers. The technology provides automatic focusing of the writing-down laser on a certain layer. Created by means of the pulse laser (flashes by duration a milliard fraction of a second) in volume of quartz information points then can be read out by special optical system.
   In the course of development by the scientist and to engineers problems of a spherical aberration which arises at penetration of a beam of the laser into depth of a quartz disk, and also a problem of a filtration of the obstacles created by prints in the next layers of volume of quartz are solved.
Thanks to physical characteristics of quartz glass, the created optical disks can maintain temperatures to 1000 degrees Celsius, are steady against the increased humidity and other extreme conditions.
   It should be noted that development of disks of memory and on other materials steady against various external influences, for example sapphire is known. Information on such disks can be stored tens of thousands of years. Sapphire maintains temperatures to 2000 degrees Celsius, possesses the high hardness, resistance to hostile environment, etc.
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