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Home >>  News, exhibitions, conferences   >>  13th International exhibition of power electronics components and systems Power Electronics, 2016
We invite You to visit the 13-th International exhibition of components and systems for power electronics "Power electronics".
Among the novelties to be showcased at the exhibition:
"high-efficiency DC-DC converters series HQA for harsh environments at the stand of the Corporation TDK-LAMBDA;
"furnace brazing vaccume Budatec (Germany) and materials for soldering AIM (Canada) at the company's stand AVANTEKH;
"Dunkermotoren motors on the stand of TECHNIQUE AND TECHNOLOGY;
"seventh generation industrial IGBT modules NX7 series with voltage up to 1700 V, high voltage modules high power X-series, high voltage polumetrovye modules X series at the booth of MITSUBISHI electric (Russia).
PROTON-ELECTROTEX will present a wide range of its developments: diodes, thyristors, coolers to them, bipolar devices have a modular design, IGBT modules and power assemblies.
SERVICE DEVICES will show on the printed circuit Board base material Board thickness up to 3 mm thickness of copper conductors up to 105 MCS and the possibility of increasing copper up to 200 or more microns.
For free admission to the exhibition will receive an e-ticket >>
Note: electronic registration for the entrance ticket to the exhibition is 500 rubles.
The benefits of visiting the exhibition "Power electronics":
"Choice - compare products of different suppliers, including global market players and the major domestic manufacturers
"Great offers - evaluate offers over 70 participating companies and conclude profitable contracts
"Exchange of experience - take part in business program of the exhibition and get free expert advice at the stands of participating companies
Preliminary list of exhibitors can be found on the website >>
PRIMEXPO, part of ITE Group of companies
+7 (812) 380 60 03/00

The Power Electronics exhibition is the only exhibition of power electronics components and
systems for different industries in Russia. This is an efficient tool for increase in sales to the
current clients and for attraction of new customers from among state and commercial
manufacturers and resellers in the field of electronics, electrical engineering and instrument
Such global players in the power electronics market as Infineon, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi
Electric, SEMIKRON, TDK Lambda, Wurth Elektronik confirmed their participation already six
months before the exhibition.
Companies Arbelos, Electrovipryamitel, NIFRIT SPE, Nucon, Proton-Electrotex, Pulsar SPE, and
joint expositions of companies of the Department of electronic industry under the Ministry
of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Moscow City Enterprise Zelenograd
Development Corporation, Association Electropitanie are among the Russian manufacturers
demonstrating their products at the show.
Companies KeysightTechnologies, Laser Center and others will present their novelties in
manufacturing equipment.
According to the results of Power Electronics 2015 many exhibitors appreciated the visitors
professionalism and quality composition:
УAmong the visitors there have been a lot of experts just in converter equipmentЕ The
exhibition results became the key reason in favor of participation in the next year show.Ф
УNumber of visitors has increased considerably. Generally experts in power electronics:
engineers, designers and subject department leaders displayed interest in the production ЕФ
High commercial efficiency of Power Electronics participation is also confirmed by decision of
the exhibitors 2015 to increase stand floor area in 2016.
Every year the specialists interested in new suppliers and in practical solutions in power
electronics visit Power Electronics show. Since 2015 the international industrial exhibitions
ExpoCoating Moscow, NDT Russia,Testing & Control, Mashex Moscow, PCVExpo have been
held together with Power Electronics. In 2015 about 13 000 people got acquainted with all
six expositions, due to which Power Electronics exhibitors were able to negotiate with other
exhibitions visitors.
25 Ц 27 October 2016
Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia
Part of ITE Group
Tel.: +7 (812) 380 6003/07/00
The business programme 2016 will cover:
- seminar СPower Electronics for Alternative EnergeticsТ;
- seminars of Electropitanie Association;
- technical seminars of exhibitors.
Contest УThe best developments of young specialists in the field of power electronicsФ will
be held for another time. The contest organisers are the Department of radioelectronics
under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and PRIMEXPO.
We are looking forward to meeting you at Power Electronics on 25-27 October 2016 in Crocus
Center, Moscow.

Sections of the exhibition:
Х Power semiconductor components
Х Passive components
Х Secondary power sources and energy converters
Х Battery
Х Magnets and materials core
Х Cooling and heat dissipation
Х Sensors
Х Assemblies, Assembly, connectors
Х Knots and electric drive system
Х Control and measuring equipment
Х Electromagnetic compatibility: components and solutions
Х Software and CAD

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