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Physical properties of semiconductors at T = 300 K

Physical Properties: The crystal structure, lattice spacing, density, melting point, thermal expansion coefficient, band gap, electron mobility, hole, low-frequency dielectric constant
Semiconductors: Ge,    Si,        C,       α -SiC,    GaN,    GaP,      AlAs,      GaAs,        InAs,        AlSb,       GaSb,        InSb,        ZnS ,    CdS,      ZnSe,    CdSe,    ZnTe,    CdTe,        HgTe,       PbS,    NaCl ,   PbSe,        PbTe  (germanium, silicon, carbon, silicon carbide, gallium phosphide, gallium arsenide, indium antimonide, sodium chloride, etc.)

* Phase transition temperature
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