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Calibrating  of thermocouple (calibration charts)
For a condition, when a free end(shut) of thermocouple is at the zero of degrees celsius. A temperature is driven to °C, E.M.F. (tension) in mV.
chromel - alumel  (-270 °с   to  1370 °с)
platinum-30% rhodium/platinum-6% rhodium
(0 °с   to  1820 °с)
chromel - constantan (-260 °с   to  1000 °с)
copper - constantan (-270 °с   to  400 °с)
chromel - kopel (-20 to 200 °с)

How to make a thermocouple of thermocouple
Calibrating (calibration charts) of thermocouple (Type E):  chromel - constantan.
Range of temperatures from - 260 °C   to  1000 °C. For a condition, when a free end(shut) of thermocouple (Type E) is at the zero of degrees celsius
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