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Experimental semiconductor sensors
- Hall
- strain gauge
- thermo-resistors - cryogenic temperature sensors (thermistors)

Semiconductor transducers of temperature (thermoresistors, cryogenic sensors temperature):  material - powder germanium

temperature operating range 4.2 - 300 K

sensitivity: at 300 K - 1% / K, at 77 K - 10% / K, at 4.2 K - 100-200% / K

dimensions are no more than 1х1х2 mm. They are executed on binary conductive scheme

current feeding 10 - 100 mkA 
electric resistance at temperature: 300 K- 1 - 5 Ohm,  77 K-10 - 50 Ohm,  4.2 K    -10 - 50 kOhm

Cryogenic temperature sensors (thermistors) can work in magnetic fields to 12 T. The admissible error in temperature measurement at the expense of magnetic resistance effect in the field 8 T does not exceed 0.02 K. At the execution in a form of quatermery conductive scheme the error is no more than 0.01 K.

криогенный терморезистор
зависимость сопротвления криогенного терморезистора
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