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Effect of Hall
      When an explorer with a flowing on him current is placed in the magnetic field so, that direction of current appears to the perpendicular magnetic lines of force, then the transversal electric field, proportional to work of closeness of magnetic stream and strength of electric current, appears. This effect arises up in explorers, however he is most substantial in semiconductors, where known under the name of effect of Hall.

эффект Холла
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                                           Fig. 16
On a fig. 16 a semiconductor plate to which the magnetic field is attached with induction In is shown, perpendicular to the flowing through her current of I, and the arising up here electric field with tension of Е. Relation between magnetic induction, current and tension is determined as follows:

E = - RH (IB),
where   RH  = 1/ne     is a coefficient of Hall; п is a number of charges,

flowing through unit of volume and formative an electric current in an explorer or semiconductor; е is a charge of transmitter of charges.
      The effect of Hall is used in many types of transducers, intended for measuring of magnetic-field, and also in noncontact make - and - break devices.

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