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Motorola pressure sensors

  Motorola company is widely known development and production of various types of sensors. One of the directions of its development are pressure sensors. The latest development is a solid-state pressure sensors, which are characterized by small size, relatively low cost, ease of use. Motorola's pressure sensors have significant novelty, which is used in the construction of the membrane developed a new patented sensor under the name X-ducer TM (Fig. 1). This sensor element works by Hall sensor. There under the influence of mechanical stress on the sensor output terminals appears voltage proportional to the pressure. Voltage appears in connection with the inhomogeneous deformation resistance elements pressure sensor. As noted, the pressure sensor with the proposed construction of the sensor has several advantages: sensor design requires no adjustment, improved linearity and hysteresis characteristics, ease of temperature compensation, patented technology.
   Pressure sensors are available in various types, from the most simple and inexpensive to uncompensated sensors in structures, which provide for different levels of signal processing (temperature compensation, calibration, linearization, etc.). According to the type of measured pressure differential sensors are available, relative and absolute.

Fig.1. The scheme of the membrane and the sensor pressure Motorola

Fig.2. The dependence of the output voltage from the pressure sensor to the uncompensated
Fig.3. General construction of the pressure sensor

Fig.4. Pressure sensors assembled (some ports pressure sensors Motorola)
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