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Pyrometer MiniTemp ™ MT6.
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   A new way to measure temperature. Infrared Thermometer Raytek MiniTemp small in size and easy to use - just
Locate an object and press the trigger. In the display you will see the value of the surface temperature of the object.
This is the quickest, easiest and safest way to measure temperature.

   Pyrometer has an extended range of up to 500 ° C, a laser sight, 1% accuracy, the output current and the maximum temperature.

   Large display with push temperatures for 7 seconds.
   Powered by a 9 volt battery
   Comes with a convenient soft carrying case.


- Service vehicles: engine failure, including the ignition and fuel supply / air. Diagnosis of cooling systems, including thermostats and temperature sensors, radiator. Checking the brakes and tires.
- Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning: thermal balance of the room, a survey of feed and return registers, the work of heating, energy audit and insulation of windows.
- Maintenance of electric systems and panels: detection of overheating of the cables and wiring, of the faulty transformer, determination of loss of electricity.
- Food: determination of the temperature of storage, transportation and sale of food. Prevention and diagnosis of cold rooms, brass furnaces, stoves and dishwashers.
- And more - hundreds of ways to use a pyrometer at work, at home and in the entertainment industry.

   MiniTemp pyrometer designed to operate at close range: the measurement object with a diameter of 25 mm at a distance of about 250 mm, 100 mm - 1.0 m at a distance
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