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IFA 2013 - 53rd International Consumer Electronics Show

Dates: 09/06/2013 - 11/09/2013
Location: Germany "Berlin
Topics: Electronics and power, telecommunications, information technology, telecommunications, toys, gifts, souvenirs
IFA 2013 - 53rd International Consumer Electronics Show

Smart spirit soars at IFA 2012 08/31/2012

IFA 2012 reached new heights 05/09/2012

IFA - show number 1 in the world in the field of consumer electronics, held annually since 1924.

Location: Berlin Messegelande

Organized by: The Society of entertainment and communication electronics (gfu) and the Berlin Exhibition Grounds
IFA 2010 took a giant step into a new era. 50th IFA attracted industry representatives from around the world. This fair is a platform of global information and business.
The largest and most important exhibition of consumer electronics and home appliances IFA 2011 ended on September 7 in Berlin, placed orders for more than 3.7 billion euros. 238,000 visitors (+3%) took part in the exhibition. The number of trade visitors rose to 132,900, which is 12% higher than last year. 51,200 came from abroad, almost 2 times higher than in the anniversary exhibition for 2010. "1441 exhibitor (+1%) presented their latest developments in the area of 140,200 sq. m. (+ 4%).
In 2012, Berlin once again became the meeting place of the digital world at IFA 2012 with the participation of 1439 exhibitors on an area 142,200 square meters. m (+ 1.4%). , Transactions of more than € 3.8 billion (+3%), and attendance grew to 240,000 (+1%). Especially the increase in the number of professional visitors, reaching 142,300 (+7%), of which more than 42 800 (11%) came from abroad.
Main profiles exhibition IFA:
TV, DVD, home theaters (IFA Home Entertainment)
Audio equipment HiFi, speakers (IFA Audio Entertainment)
Photo, video, MP3, computers, computer games, cards (IFA My Media)
TV stations, radio, professional equipment for specialists in the field of mass communication (IFA Public Media)
Telecommunications, cable television, mobile, navigation, content providers (IFA Communication)
Providers, semiconductors (IFA Technology & Components)

The history of the international exhibition of consumer electronics IFA
Birthplace of the international exhibition IFA - Berlin. IFA history reflects the development of consumer electronics from the very first radio to three-dimensional video technology.
Its first visitors, then wore the name of the great German radiovystavka, adopted December 4, 1924. A 1930 exhibition was opened by Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein), whose speech was broadcast on live radio. But on the day of birth of a live fair could only dream of: a German radio at that time was only for one year. Within six years of progress in the field of radio broadcasting has reached unprecedented heights. "The highlight of the season" were superheterodyne receivers and short, his first steps, and began making television.
Unique challenge of national reconciliation
In his opening speech, Einstein said: "The sources of all technical achievements are divine curiosity and excitement inquisitive researchers, and creative imagination of the inventor. Regarding the radio, he is faced with a unique challenge - the reconciliation of peoples," - said Einstein. But after a few years, technological advances in Germany was caught in the grip of ideology of National Socialism. Minister of Propaganda "Third Reich" Joseph Goebbels, who was responsible, among other things, and the exhibition, said: "We make no secret: the radio belongs to us, I think it is the most modern and the most important of all existing means of influencing the masses."
The Nazis used the radio as a technical means of propaganda. In people, these devices ironically nicknamed "jaws Goebbels" (Goebbels-Schnauze). In August 1939, when Goebbels attended the 16th most radiovystavku German radio Germany already hard preparing the population for war.
Again see the new consumer electronics residents of western divided Germany could only five years after the Second World War - in 1950 in Dusseldorf. Since the exhibition, which has disappeared from the title the word "big" is held every two years, alternately in D?sseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Berlin.
Until then walked progress
In 1950, the triumphal procession of ultrashort waves. And two years later, in the homes of the Germans were first televisions. Since 1955, thanks to the development of transistor technology, the once bulky portable radios reduced to the so-called suitcase and radio.
In 1967, the show returned to Berlin. German Chancellor Willy Brandt (Willy Brandt), speaking at the opening ceremony, proclaimed the era of color television in Germany. West Germany was the first country in Europe which implemented color television PAL. The first color TV set was worth about 2,400 then doychmarok.
In 1971, the exhibition has become international. This was reflected in its new name, which is fair to the present day: Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA). The directory is on her new products constantly growing in volume. In those days, the daily life of the Germans entered VCRs and remote controls, videotext became commonplace in televisions. In the 1980s, a public-law broadcasting a competitor - the private channels, and the 1990s were marked by the appearance on the market of computers. All this is reflected directly in the stands IFA.
All new technologies have radically changed the way people thought about the possibilities of radio and television - digital radio and television broadcasting, MP3-players and mobile phones - became major themes in the halls of IFA.
At the beginning of this century were exhibited at the show flat LCD television, and in 2003 - the first antenna to pick up digital TV signals.
In recent years, the exhibition were two European premieres - high-definition television (HDTV) and TV broadcasting to mobile phones. Since 2005, the IFA fair organizers decided to hold the exhibition every year.
Author: Manfred Boehm / Victor Weisz
Editor: Andrei Kobyakov
Deutsche Welle

Source: http://www.expoclub.ru/db/exhibition/view/7478/

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