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In Novosibirsk launch electronic production

In the Novosibirsk region create electron cluster in which to launch a new venture. This decision was taken at the XI branch scientific-practical conference "State and prospects of domestic microelectronics", organized by the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Regional profile. For new production being combined resources of three existing companies belonging to JSC "Russian electronics" (in turn, the holding part of the state corporation "Russian Technologies"). The new production will be located at the site near Akademgorodok.

According to the director, "the Russian electronics" Andrei Zverev The goals of development strategy electronics - ambitious. To achieve these goals in eight years to increase the turnover of the holding of almost six-fold - from 24 to 140 billion rubles.

- In this regard, we can not leave these entities outside the context of strategy. Formidable task of creating in Novosibirsk Scientific industrial cluster - said Zverev.

A corresponding agreement was signed with the Siberian Branch of the RAS. The basis of the electron cluster also form the Novosibirsk State University, and three companies of the region, which, as the Minister of Industry, Trade and Business Development Region Sergey Semka, have serious achievements in the industrial, scientific and technological terms.

One of the main areas that will take a new plant, the head of "Roselektroniki" called the creation of "a fundamentally new sources of power by combining ultracapacitors and conventional batteries - lithium-ion, or any other." It is also assumed production of products for energy saving systems, software and biomedicine. Now the project is in the works. According to preliminary estimates, the cost will be about two billion rubles, to be sold - about two and a half years.

- The company will be built from scratch. Production of existing plants are in the center of Novosibirsk, occupy large areas which are for the development of the electronics will not be used - said plans Andrei Zverev. - In the old walls to build a new hard enough. Pooling of funds and resources will create a production that meets the requirements of even today, and tomorrow.

Speaking about the prospects of a new cluster in the electronic industry, the Director of the Department of Industry of the Russian electronic Alexander Yakunin noted positive changes in this area, despite the crisis.

- We do not have a company, which would reduce production for the first half of 2012, - he said.

However, in his own words, a complete revival of the industry still early: Russian micro roelektronika behind foreign to a generation or two. However, as the experts, have recently taken a number of measures aimed at the development of electronic and electronic industries. This is a state-run program, the strategy of the industry, additional regulatory environment, sustainable funding.

At the industry conference also discussed the project support innovative ceramic, which is implemented on another Novosibirsk plant. Products made of ceramic nanomaterials are used in electronics, engineering, defense, chemical, petroleum and other industries, as well as in medicine. In the near future the project has received support in the past year, the state corporation "RUSNANO", will be considered by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of Russia.

- Can be supported in the first place, through orders, and secondly, through investments in retooling the company - said Sergey Semko.
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