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Sensors force. Sensors, force transducers

   In the transmitter power, the following types of sensors: the console, cylinders, diaphragms and solid rings. Figure 1 shows the principle of operation of the sensor power with the console, in which the last two or fixed (Fig. 1a), or at one end (Fig. 1, b), and the force is applied perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the console. Deviation of the console from its initial position and is a measure of the applied force to it.
   Figure 2 shows the principle of operation of the sensor strength of cylindrical type, in which the force is applied along the axis of the cylinder. Cylinder bends when force is applied, and the bending or deflection of the cylinder walls from its original position and describes the value of the applied force.
   The sensitive element of power in the form of the aperture (Fig. 3) includes a circular plate clamped at the edges. Its principle is similar to the work of the console seen earlier sensing element.
   Diaphragm flexes in the center during the application of force to it, but by its deviation from the baseline measured force exerted on it. Sensors force in the form of the diaphragm is the most widespread in the pressure transmitter,
where the applied force is generated by gas pressure or other medium. Such devices are described in more detail in other sections.
   Durable ring as part of the transmitter power (Figure 4) can be round ilipryamougolnym (in this case it is called a testing framework). The applied force distorts the shape of a ring, and the degree of distortion is determined by the value of power.

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Fig. 1. The sensitive element of power to the console
Fig. 2. The sensitive element of force cylindrical
Fig. 3. The sensitive element of force diaphragm type
Fig. 4. The sensing element in the form of a durable power of the ring
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