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Level sensors VAZ
The fuel level sensor VAZ. The principle of operation of the sensor

The VAZ-2101 - 2107, and in other modern cars, in most cases, use the fuel level sensors of the potentiometric type. In such a sensor float mechanical (with a lever, etc.) associated with the potentiometer - a variable resistance (a rheostat). When changing fuel level changes the float position, the lever associated with the float moves the slider on the rheostat. This changes the output electrical resistance of the fuel level sensor. This change is converted to the corresponding readings. As the material for the float level sensors use foam, hollow lightweight metal or plastic.

Potentiometric fuel level sensors are lever and tube. The advantages of potentiometric fuel level sensors can be attributed to the simplicity of the device and low cost. Disadvantages - because of the movable electrical contacts of the sensor wear. This is especially true in vehicles that use such aggressive fuels such as ethanol, methanol and biodiesel. In these terms and conditions apply contactless fuel level sensor design which uses the interaction of magnetic elements.

Video: Device and repair of fuel level sensor for VAZ - 2101 - 2107
Description of fuel level sensor, malfunction, repair float level sensor, demolition, the principle of operation of fuel level sensor, intake sensor - grid verification using an ohmmeter, float - tucking on the float, warning lights, rheostat

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