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Cota charging station charges the batteries of gadgets in the air

The company's engineers Ie (Singapore) has developed a wireless charger that charges batteries of various mobile devices from it at the distance of nine metres. A charging station was named Cota. The manufacturer intends to put it in stores soon.

Charger Cota includes a transmitter (transmitter) and receiver. The receiver can serve as a special case, such as a smartphone. In the future, the receiver will be embedded in the body of the gadget is in the process of its production. Involved and a special mobile application company Ossia, which is used for configuring the system and control the charging of each gadget. It is installed on your smartphone. Can simultaneously recharge batteries 32 devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, remote controls, etc.

How the charging station works. The transmitter looks similar to the Apple Mac Pro has many unidirectional antennas covering radiation the space around them. The system locates a mobile device that emits short signals and sends it on radio waves, through which the recharging of the battery. With the gadget in hand you can move in range of the transmitter, which must be free from obstacles for radio waves.

It should be noted that Ossia has developed and unusual batteries for wearable devices. They can also be recharged from Cota through the air inside the gadgets.

What is the technology for transmitting electricity through the air?

At the moment there are quite a large number of different technologies that allow us to transmit electricity through the air. To perform this operation can be used laser, sound wave, as well as many other physical phenomena. Despite this great variety of methods of transmitting electricity through the air, until there is only one technology that is used for commercial purposes. This technology is based on the research of Tesla and Faraday, who worked in the direction of transmission of electricity through the air by electromagnetic induction.

The working principle of wireless charging
It is thanks to the improvement of their products and ideas can work today wireless charging for your phone and many other devices that use electricity passed through the air.

As in any other sphere, in the transmission of electricity through the air has its own standards. The most common standard for this technology is the standard for the past 7 years is being developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The standard itself is called the Chinese word “Qi” if you try to pronounce it in English it will sound something like “chee”.
This standard is good because it support is provided by almost all modern smartphone manufacturers, except in rare cases. Already, many airports, restaurants, railway stations and other such places are equipped with special charging stations that let everyone charge your smartphone. This is more true for developed countries, however, as you know, modern technology is rapidly conquering the world, and so soon such charging stations can be found even in the most remote corners of the planet.

Wireless phone charger with your own hands:

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