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тепловизор testo
Thermal imaging monocular Т100-40

Technical characteristics imager   
Bolometric matrix 352x288/25um    
Sensitivity 60mk @ 300K, 50HZ    
Spectral range 8 - 14um    
Eyepiece OLED Dust    
Memory capacity of 16 GB        
Electricity supply AA battery (3 pcs.)        
Continuous operation time> 4 hours        
External Power is        
Operating temperature range -20 ° C 60 ° C        
212mmh73mmh55mm Dimensions (LxWxH)

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тепловизионный монокуляр
изображение тепловизора
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Датчик магнитного поля
Imager Testo 890. Description, characteristics

Detector size 640 x 480 pixels
With a resolution to 307200 temperature points dimension objects will be presented in superb quality with unmatched clarity and detail.

Technology SuperResolution (up to 1280 x 960 pixels)
Technology SuperResolution (Super High Resolution) improves image quality by one class, ie resolution of your thermal images is four times.
Thermal sensitivity <40 mK
Thanks to an excellent temperature resolution of <40 mK images which are visible, even the smallest temperature differences.
The wide field of view thanks to the lens (42 °)
With standard lens with a 42 ° angle of view you can immediately take a sharp picture of the site and get a great understanding of the temperature distribution on the surface of the measurement object.
Wizard to create a panoramic image
If you need to make a diagnosis of large objects, take advantage of the panoramic image creation wizard, which creates a complete image of the object of many individual images. You do not have to perform time-consuming selection, viewing and comparing a large number of thermograms.

Imager Testo 890. Technology SiteRecognition
If the second thermal imaging diagnostics are similar objects would best support the technology SiteRecognition (Recognition of places Metering) - recognition, distribution and management of measurements and also saves you the hard work and saving automatic correlation of the thermal images.
High temperature up to 1200 ° C
With optional functions "High temperature" You can expand the measurement range of up to 1200 ° C.
Specifications Imager Testo 890-2
Infrared Image
Detector type FPA 640x480 pixels a.Si
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) <40 mK at 30 ° C
Field of view 42 ° x 32 ° / 0.1 m (standard lens), 15 ° x 11 ° C / 0.5 m (telephoto)
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 1,15 mrad (standard lens), 0.42 mrad (telephoto)
Focus Auto / Manual
Spectral range 8 ... 14 mm
3.1 megapixel image size
Touchscreen w / a display 4.3 ", 480x272 pixels
Display options for infrared / real
Temperature range -20 ° C ... 100 ° C / ° C ... 350 ° C
High temperature - option +350 ° C ... +1200 ° C
Measurement error ± 2 ° C, ± 2% of reading
Emissivity / setup temp. Compensation reflection 0.01 ... 1 / manual

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